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Military programs

The RF Toolkit provides a 3-D visualization environment for complex radio frequency (RF) analysis, including modulator/ demodulator simulation, link margin calculation, multipath effects modeling, and telemetry receive-site optimization. The RF Toolkit has been used to rapidly analyze both Work for Others-related range assets and nuclear weapons development telemetry transmitter/receiver performance. It also has been used to visualize real-time missile and payload dynamics in conjunction with data provided from the Telemetry Analysis and Visualization Suite (TAVS). (2600, 5400, 2100) DSA [LDI]

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LAUNCH OF A MEDIUM RANGE ballistic missile Type 3 target in support of a 2014 Missile Defense Agency mission. The target was launched from Kauai Test Facility Pad 42.

Sandia’s Kauai Test Facility (KTF) in Hawaii supported critical US missile and air defense programs during 2014. In May, KTF supported the Navy’s assessment of an Aegis sensor. In July, KTF staff supported DoD’s evaluation of next-generation GPS hardware. Later in the year, KTF partnered with the Missile Defense Agency in a campaign to advance the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system. KTF provided MDA with launch support for targets that were tracked and intercepted by the Aegis weapon system. Sandia’s test and launch facility coordinates assembly, integration, test, launch, and data collection to support various ground and flight test missions. (5400) DSA [LDI]