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Senior Member of the Technical Staff

(925) 294-1043

Sandia National Laboratories, California
P.O. Box 969
Livermore, CA 94551-0969


Catherine Mageeney is a molecular biologist with a focus on bacteriophages – viruses infecting bacteria. Bacteriophages exist for every known bacterial species and are readily found through metagenomic studies. Bacteriophages can be use in therapeutic, environmental, and bioproduction applications. She is interested in using computational and experimental approaches to understand bacteriophage genomics and gene function, bacteriophage resistance mechanisms, and build bacteriophage engineering pipelines for isolated bacterial or bacteria in communities. Mageeney’s previous work at Sandia involved computational identification of genomic islands (including prophages – bacteriophages integrated into bacterial genomes) in bacterial and archaea genomes. This computational work was the basis of identification and engineering prophages for therapeutic applications. Prior to coming to Sandia, she focused on characterization of mycobacteriophage genomes with an emphasis on prophage-mediate defense mechanisms.


Bachelor’s Degree: Biology, Cabrini College (2007- 2011)

Doctoral Degree: Cell and Molecular Biology, Lehigh University (2012- 2018)

Postdoctoral Fellowships: Sandia National Laboratories (2018- 2020)

Research Interest


Catherine Mageeney’s scientific research interest is studying alternative ways to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria. She studies viruses called bacteriophages that infect and kill bacteria. Bacteriophages have been used as therapy for over a century, but were overshadowed when antibiotics became available. Phage therapy is becoming a popular alternative when antibiotics fail. Bacteriophages are natural predators of only the specific bacteria they can infect, which allows beneficial bacteria to survive while killing pathogenic bacteria.

Mageeney’s previous work focused on characterization of mycobacteriophage genomes. Since coming to Sandia, she has been working to examine genomic islands found with bacteria to find bacteriophages integrated into the host’s chromosome. The phages can be harvested and engineered to produce phages that can no longer integrate into the host genome but will lyse and kill the bacterial host strain. Since the phages can be harvested from any genome of interest, this allows for rapid isolation of therapeutic phages for virtually any pathogen. The major goals of this project are to isolate bacteriophages in a rapid manner with the precise host known. Numerous research avenues are necessary to answer these questions including comparative genomics, molecular engineering and microbiology.


  • Nemes Graduate Fellowship, Lehigh University (2016)


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Selected Publications

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