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Patio posters show promise of interns’ future

interns talk about their projects with visitors during the event
INTERNS SPARK IDEAS — Dozens of Sandia/California interns were the center of attention at the July 24 Posters on the Patio event, where they used posters they had created to explain their work to visitors.

Posters lined the shaded areas of the GAA Event Pad on July 24 as interns showed off 36 different projects they have worked on this summer, giving oral presentations explaining their work to those who stopped by.

Carlos Casadevall showed off a system he is helping develop to create inkjet-printed organic redox transistors for neuromorphic computing — systems that mimic biological brain functions — and neural interfaces. David Johnson is working on a project to help protect the nation and the world from cyber attacks.

interns discuss their project with visitor
SHOWING THEIR WORK — Adriana Del Cid, left, and Sydney Spruiell explain their internships in communications.

Adriana Del Cid, who works in the community relations area, said her internship has opened her eyes to Sandia’s efforts to directly impact people in our local communities. Sydney Spruiell is working toward a career in graphic design through her internship at Sandia.

Both Sydney and Adriana said they are happy that Sandia provides opportunities for interns who are not only interested in science and engineering but a variety of different job functions. They both plan to tell their peers to seek an internship here.