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A day in the life at 70 + 1 — Sandia copes with COVID-19

A photo essay by Randy Montoya

Last year, we celebrated Sandia’s 70th birthday with pride, honoring the Labs’ response to seven decades of challenges. At the time, we had no idea of the dramatic world events that would be in store for us in year 71.

Throughout major world events like the Cuban Missile Crisis, the 9-11 attacks and the current COVID-19 pandemic, Sandians have continued to serve the nation, completing their mission-essential work wherever they need to be, from remote parts of the world to dusty test sites and isolated laboratories to the kitchen table at home.

This abridged photo essay provides a peek into Sandia’s response to this new threat: keeping each other safe as we move forward together and continue our mission.

tower test planning
TESTING, TESTING — From left, Alfonso Ponce, Luis Abeyta and John Bauer wear masks and stay at least six feet apart while discussing test plans for the 200-foot drop tower.
field test crew
PASSING INSPECTION — Rip Winckel, left, and Kevin Good used social distancing and protective masks to keep themselves safe while conducting a heliostat field safety inspection.
medical professional in mask
WELL EQUIPPED — Physician’s assistant Karen Conner adjusts her medical mask, part of her personal protective equipment, as she prepares to see a patient at the Sandia Medical Clinic.
man unloading box from truck
SECURE TRANSPORT — Ray Ortiz wears personal protective equipment while unloading boxes for delivery.