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Infrastructure Operations

emergency responder ceremony
Sandia’s emergency responders were recognized in a special ceremony for their life-saving actions.

Sandians save lives

Sandia’s emergency responders addressed 91 medical issues in FY19, including 911-based medical responses in the field and transports out of the Sandia Medical Clinic. When clinic paramedics respond to a medical call in the field, they team with Sandia Emergency Medical Technicians and Protective Force officers. Sandia emergency response team members have encountered patients experiencing life-threatening medical issues, including cardiac arrest, and have saved eight lives in the past several years. (4000, 3000)

building under construction
A new 20,000-square-foot building on Sandia’s Albuquerque campus will house support personnel for the Labs’ Z Pulsed Power Facility.

Building facilities to meet growth

Sandia manages a complex framework to acquire, maintain, modify and dispose of real property assets. In addition to a strategy that outlines highest-priority investments through 2040, Sandia is executing on its five-year build plan. New facilities that will change the footprint of Sandia include: five office-support buildings in California and New Mexico that will accommodate more than 600 people, a new California data center, a power sources capability site, a sprung structure, a radiation protection instrumentation calibration facility, an explosives manufacturing facility and an agile high-bay laboratory. (4000)

people working on energy infrastructure
Crews test equipment as they work on the electrical distribution system reliability project in Tech Area V.

Critical infrastructure investments

Sandia completed a record 3,392 projects in FY19, totaling $177 million, including critical utility and recapitalization projects. Key projects included renovations to the Annular Core Research Reactor; a five-year project to eliminate failure risk on an acid exhaust main duct; installation of a new backup natural-gas-fired power generator; replacement of several water and natural-gas lines; completion of an electrical distribution reliability project; design of a chilled water loop and central utility building in Tech Area IV; and replacement of more than 30 roofs. (4000)

New approach to managing space

Expanded workforce hiring in 2019 significantly increased the demands for office and lab space. Paired with space optimization strategies that seated 978 individuals in new spaces, Sandia also acquired two offsite leases that will temporarily house approximately 600 employees through FY25. Moving those employees until new facilities are completed will free up needed space onsite for those performing classified work. Additional parking is also planned. The Labs’ short-term tactical lease approach garnered an NNSA Award of Excellence for balancing onsite and offsite needs. (4000)

Aerial photo of Sandia New Mexico Tech Area I
Aerial photo of Sandia/NM Tech Area I

Protecting people and property

To ensure Sandia’s aging fire protection and emergency notification systems continue to keep the workforce and facilities safe during emergencies, a three-year effort to replace and test these vital systems neared completion in FY19. In addition to upgrading about 25% of sprinkler heads and replacing obsolete fire alarm panels, Sandia deployed a new mass notification network using text and email messaging. Additionally, Sandia’s Protective Force welcomed 13 new officers, and in conjunction with other emergency responders, completed 23 interagency active-assailant response exercises to refine their skills. (4000)

Sylvia Chavez teaches security training
New employees stream into the auditorium for their comprehensive security briefing, led by Rob Kim and Sylvia Chavez. Sylvia (pictured) earned a 2019 NNSA Excellence in Security Awareness Award.

Safeguards & Security training program expands

When onboarding new employees, providing proper training and introduction to Sandia’s security culture is essential. To meet the demands of 1,917 new employees last year, the capacity of the Labs’ DOE-required live comprehensive security briefing increased by about 60%. In addition, a new clearance holder orientation was developed and deployed for the 3,010 individuals who received a clearance or transferred to a new program in FY19. (4000)

team members
Sandia’s legacy classified weapon characterization and disposition team

Sandians win prestigious NNSA Awards

Roger Showalter
Roger Showalter

Roger Showalter was named the 2019 NNSA Bradley A. Peterson Contractor Security Professional of the Year, recognizing outstanding security professionals. Roger helped achieve a 95% reduction in incidents associated with high-security work areas. Sandia’s legacy classified weapon characterization and disposition team earned a 2019 NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence for coordinating the characterization and disposition of more than 200 legacy weapon items, including more than 2,500 kg of accountable nuclear material. (4000)