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Executive Support Group

Energy Secretary Rick Perry speaks at Steve Schiff auditorium
Sandia’s Protocol team organized and facilitated a visit to the Labs from then Energy Secretary Rick Perry at the beginning of FY2019.

Executive Protocol supports 204 events

Sandia’s Executive Protocol team members are trusted advisors and subject matter experts on the accepted practice of diplomatic and business etiquette. Executive Protocol supported 204 events with successful outcomes in FY19, representing the best of Sandia, including but not limited to the National Laboratories Director Council, Life Saver Recognition Ceremony, Defense Science Study Group, Assistant Secretary visits, numerous congressional visits, external advisory boards, general officers and the National Security Leadership Development Program. (ESG)

Internal audits mitigate risks

Sandia’s Independent Audit and Ethics/Equal Employment Opportunity organization continued internal audits and investigations to identify potential risks to Sandia. Thirty audits were completed in FY19 to evaluate internal controls, compliance and best practices in environment, safety and health; computer information technology and cyber; and financial processes. The audits identified best practices and vulnerabilities that could be corrected to avoid process failures and preempted external government bodies’ potential audit findings. The investigations program assured compliance with EEO law and ethical corporate practices through awareness training and implementation of critical inquiries and investigations. (ESG)

overexertion campaign ad

Overexertion corporate initiative

Sandia’s environment, safety and health organization had a tremendous FY19 with its corporate initiative on preventing overexertion. The initiative resulted in a 70.92% reduction in overexertion recordable injuries Labs-wide. The impact was far-reaching, well exceeding the 50% reduction target by integrating the initiative into the Work Planning and Control process and critical-thinking mindset of Sandia’s workforce. (ESG)

Pressure Systems Registry

Sandia’s environment, safety and health organization identified a gap in knowledge related to pressure systems (positive and negative) across the Laboratories and launched a pressure-system registry to capture basic information and identify the total number of systems. Capturing and maintaining the information will help Sandia meet regulatory requirements, reduce risk, enhance workforce safety and support the Labs’ mission. (ESG)

Image of ESG2020_1-3.jpg
Sandia’s core strategy team worked with people across the Labs over the past three years to develop and implement a strategic direction made up of seven priorities to guide the Labs for the next 20 years. 

Strategy and Executive Operations

Sandia researched and evaluated seven visionary themes that cross-cut multiple missions with the potential to dramatically enhance the Labs’ national security impact over the next 20-30 years. The evaluations will influence investment and partnership decision-making to deploy outstanding engineering, science and technology to the Labs’ missions. Sandia accomplishments have directly supported NNSA Strategic Vision desired outcomes and mission priorities. Four strategic pillars were identified to make Sandia more agile and remove barriers to speed, flow and impact. Sandia developed near-, mid-, and far-term roadmaps outlining completion activities. (ESG)