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A letter from the Labs Director

James S. Peery portrait
James S. Peery

One of the many reasons I am excited to be back at Sandia Labs is right in your hands. Labs Accomplishments is a highlight of the past year. From my first days as a Sandian 30 years ago, I have eagerly looked forward to seeing the breadth of the Laboratories’ activities and marveling at the achievements.

This issue is no exception. The 2020 edition of Labs Accomplishments is overflowing with remarkable successes by the staff at Sandia Labs. From critical milestones in our key mission areas to scientific breakthroughs, from Laboratory Directed Research and Development to valuable advances in support of the mission, the work profiled on these pages demonstrates that we continue to provide “exceptional service in the national interest.” 

Sandia is fulfilling its national security missions against a wider set of threats than ever before. Our deep science and engineering foundations give us a cross-disciplinary advantage that helps solve some of the nation’s toughest problems and sustain America’s security.

In this publication, you’ll read about Sandia’s contributions to supporting the warfighter, protecting the homeland, ensuring the nation’s energy security, working with national and international partners and developing innovative approaches to cybersecurity. Our staff continues to advance best-in-enterprise leadership in safety and security, sustainability, quality and employee benefits. You can read about their latest achievements here as well.

Every Sandian plays a role in the Labs’ service to the nation. Each accomplishment is the product of a team of talented and hard-working people at the very top of their game.

So, settle in and enjoy this look at significant work performed at Sandia over the past year.

— James S. Peery, Labs Director

About this publication

Labs Accomplishments publication cover

This year’s Labs Accomplishments highlights some of Sandia’s best work during fiscal year 2019, as submitted by the Labs’ Center offices and selected by Division offices. Readers will see numbers in parentheses following many of the entries that indicate the Centers where the bulk of the work for those accomplishments was performed.

Download the 2020 Labs Accomplishments (PDF, 2 MB).

Cover Features

Sandia Laser Applications facility

Front cover

A green laser shoots skyward as part of a Sandia Laser Applications, or LAZAP, project. The LAZAP program, launched in the mid-1970s, uses high-powered laser beams to calibrate optical sensors on Global Positioning System and Defense Support Program satellites from low-earth to geosynchronous orbits. The facility recently received a major upgrade, including two new laser labs and a 0.5-meter telescope/beam director.

Sandia ecologist Jennifer Payne

Back cover

Sandia ecologist Jennifer Payne examines native vegetation planted to stabilize soil in an area following a construction project. Having an ecologist who specializes in restoration ensures that Sandia upholds commitments to protect leased land. Jennifer is one of two Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners in New Mexico, a title held by only 150 people in the country.

— Photos by Randy Montoya