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diversity and inclusion team members
Sandia’s Chief Diversity Officer Esther Hernandez, center, with members of her team.

Diversity excellence and national recognition

Sandia was recognized as one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes Magazine. In FY19, the Labs’ efforts to create a culture shift in inclusion and diversity reached 39% of the workforce, with focused concepts delivered through online and classroom resources. Sandia was also recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Top 500 Best Large Employers. Coming in at 277, Sandia was the only DOE lab and the only New Mexico-based entity on the list. (3000)

hand holding iPhone with Sandia social media page

Social media connections and awards

Sandia’s communications team received its fourth consecutive 2019 APEX Grand Award for social media campaigns and strategy. The campaign resulted in Sandia surpassing 70,000 Twitter followers and 50,000 LinkedIn connections, both of which lead all DOE labs. This is significant considering that some DOE labs, including Argonne, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Lawrence Berkeley, are in major metropolitan areas. (3000)

medical caregiver takes x-ray of patient's arm

Effective and efficient health services

The Sandia Medical Clinic successfully renewed its American Association of Ambulatory Healthcare 3-year accreditation, a status that has been active continuously since 1999. In collaboration with external healthcare industry leaders, Sandia has used clinical risk utilization management tools to eliminate unnecessary services and improve onsite care. Initial savings have been shown in several areas, including pharmacy, onsite blood-draw lab and X-ray test services. (3000)

person working on laptop

Interview Resource Center goes live

Sandia’s interview framework team was created in response to hiring managers and employees asking for interviewing resources to help ensure we hire the best talent for Sandia’s mission. With that in mind, the team created a comprehensive Interview Resource Center that includes 18 interview resources and guides, an interview question repository with more than 500 questions and an interview wizard. The team also created eLearnings on how to conduct effective and appropriate interviews. (8000)

Sandia careers brochure

Efficient and effective hiring

Sandia met a record-high goal of hiring more than 1,900 employees during FY19, which is an increase of 50% over FY18 and the highest number of annual hires in Sandia’s history. This was achieved while maintaining a focus on finding diverse, high-caliber talent, deploying key initiatives to simplify the hiring process and reducing the hiring-cycle time by 30%. (3000)