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Freedom of Information Act activity management

Sandia’s FOIA team, in collaboration with NNSA and the Sandia Field Office, developed a new process to strengthen final responses in protecting national security information. In FY19, the team created information technology tools to expedite the new process and reduce processing times, resulting in better efficiency, quality and delivery. The FOIA team was recognized for its achievements by the NNSA FOIA Director in the Intermediate Feedback Report. (11000, 4000)

Cindy Lovato Farmer
Cindy Lovato-Farmer, Senior Managing General Law & Litigation Counsel

Effective Legal partnership with management

The Sandia General Law Center’s strategic approach to legal partnership with management and proactive risk mitigation resulted in zero litigation at the end of FY19 and a significant state tax refund award to the Labs. Combining hands-on training for managers that uses actual Sandia case studies of past personnel matters with in-house legal expertise and active involvement in handling litigation and claims proved to be an effective strategy. The team’s proactive efforts have had a positive impact across the Labs, as reduced litigation and effective handling of claims enables Sandians to focus on mission. (11000)