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Sandia and AWE sign strategic intent document

Dave Chambers and Steve Girrens sign agreement
STRATEGIC INTENT — AWE Director for Science Engineering and Technology Dave Chambers, left, and Sandia Associate Labs Director for Nuclear Deterrence Steve Girrens signed a strategic intent document to verify and describe collaboration between the two organizations.  (Photo courtesy of the Atomic Weapons Establishment)

The U.S. and U.K. have a rich history of cooperation dating back to the Manhattan Project. Since 1958, the countries have shared ideas, information, materials and equipment within the provisions of the Mutual Defense Agreement.

In a June visit to the United Kingdom’s Atomic Weapons Establishment, Steve Girrens, Sandia’s associate labs director for nuclear deterrence, and Dave Chambers, AWE’s director for science engineering and technology, on behalf of Graeme Nicholson, AWE’s head of programme, signed a Strategic Intent of Collaboration. This document describes and endorses mutually beneficial opportunities for strategically aligned collaborations between Sandia and AWE.

While each nation prepares for its respective future deterrence needs and maintains focus on its existing stockpiles, both AWE and Sandia recognize that through collaboration, the risk carried by each organization in delivering its mission will be reduced.