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Optimal adiabatic scaling and the processor-in-memory-and-storage architecture (OAS+PIMS)

DeBenedictis, Erik; Cook, Jeanine C.; Hoemmen, Mark F.; Metodi, Tzvetan S.

We discuss a new approach to computing that retains the possibility of exponential growth while making substantial use of the existing technology. The exponential improvement path of Moore's Law has been the driver behind the computing approach of Turing, von Neumann, and FORTRAN-like languages. Performance growth is slowing at the system level, even though further exponential growth should be possible. We propose two technology shifts as a remedy, the first being the formulation of a scaling rule for scaling into the third dimension. This involves use of circuit-level energy efficiency increases using adiabatic circuits to avoid overheating. However, this scaling rule is incompatible with the von Neumann architecture. The second technology shift is a computer architecture and programming change to an extremely aggressive form of Processor-In-Memory (PIM) architecture, which we call Processor-In-Memory-and-Storage (PIMS). Theoretical analysis shows that the PIMS architecture is compatible with the 3D scaling rule, suggesting both immediate benefit and a long-term improvement path.