CCR Conferences and Workshops

The Center for Computing Research at Sandia National Laboratories is involved in the organization of several annual conferences and workshops in advanced computing systems that help foster collaboration within the research community.

SOS Workshop

SOS is a series of highly interactive workshops on distributed supercomputing held every Spring, usually in mid-March. The workshop began in 1997 as a a collaboration between Sandia, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.

Salishan Conference on High Speed Computing

Salishan was founded in 1981 as a means of getting experts in computer architecture, languages, and algorithms together  to improve communications, develop collaborations, solve problems of mutual interest, and provide effective leadership in the field of high-speed computing. The conference is a collaboration between Sandia, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is held at the end of April on the coast of Oregon.

Chesapeake Large-Scale Analytics Conference (CLSAC)

CLSAC began in 2012 to bring together experts from industry, academic, and government institutions to discuss current and future challenges for data analytics. The conference program is organized by a diverse committee with participation from Sandia, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, DOD, NSF, and industry partners. The conference is usually held in October in Annapolis.

Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Conference (NICE)

NICE began in 2013 to explore the convergence among neuroscience, microelectronics and computational systems in developing new architectures and approaches designed to handle problems that involve large, noisy, incomplete, “natural” data sets that do not lend themselves to convenient solutions by conventional computing systems. The conference is organized in collaboration with industry, academic, and US government partners.