Publications / SAND Report

Investigating the effectiveness of many-core network processors for high performance cyber protection systems. Part I, FY2011

Onunkwo, Uzoma O.; Johnson, Joshua A.; Naegle, John H.; Patel, Jay D.; Pearson, David B.; Shelburg, Jeffery S.; Wheeler, Kyle B.; Wright, Brian J.; Zage, David J.

This report documents our first year efforts to address the use of many-core processors for high performance cyber protection. As the demands grow for higher bandwidth (beyond 1 Gbits/sec) on network connections, the need to provide faster and more efficient solution to cyber security grows. Fortunately, in recent years, the development of many-core network processors have seen increased interest. Prior working experiences with many-core processors have led us to investigate its effectiveness for cyber protection tools, with particular emphasis on high performance firewalls. Although advanced algorithms for smarter cyber protection of high-speed network traffic are being developed, these advanced analysis techniques require significantly more computational capabilities than static techniques. Moreover, many locations where cyber protections are deployed have limited power, space and cooling resources. This makes the use of traditionally large computing systems impractical for the front-end systems that process large network streams; hence, the drive for this study which could potentially yield a highly reconfigurable and rapidly scalable solution.