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High Performance Computing - Power Application Programming Interface Specification

Laros, James H.; Kelly, Suzanne M.; Pedretti, Kevin P.; Grant, Ryan E.; Olivier, Stephen L.; Levenhagen, Michael J.; DeBonis, David D.; Laros, James H.

Measuring and controlling the power and energy consumption of high performance computing systems by various components in the software stack is an active research area [131, 3, 5, 11), 4, a, B, Ili, 7, T71,, a 11 11, 1, 6, IA, ]112]. Implementations in lower level software layers are beginning to emerge in some production systems, which is very welcome. To be most effective, a portable interface to measurement and control features would significantly facilitate participation by all levels of the software stack. We present a proposal for a standard power Application Programming Interface (API) that endeavors to cover the entire software space, from generic hardware interfaces to the input from the computer facility manager. KC