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Characterization of UOP IONSIV IE-911

Nyman, M.; Nenoff, T.M.; Headley, Thomas J.

As a participating national lab in the inter-institutional effort to resolve performance issues of the non-elutable ion exchange technology for Cs extraction, they have carried out a series of characterization studies of UOP IONSIV{reg_sign} IE-911 and its component parts. IE-911 is a bound form (zirconium hydroxide-binder) of crystalline silicotitanate (CST) ion exchanger. The crystalline silicotitanate removes Cs from solutions by selective ion exchange. The performance issues of primary concern are: (1) excessive Nb leaching and subsequent precipitation of column-plugging Nb-oxide material, and (2) precipitation of aluminosilicate on IE-911 pellet surfaces, which may be initiated by dissolution of Si from the IE-911, thus creating a supersaturated solution with respect to silica. In this work, they have identified and characterized Si- and Nb-oxide based impurity phases in IE-911, which are the most likely sources of leachable Si and Nb, respectively. Furthermore, they have determined the criteria and mechanism for removal from IE-911 of the Nb-based impurity phase that is responsible for the Nb-oxide column plugging incidents.