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Benchmarking Adiabatic Quantum Optimization for Complex Network Analysis

Parekh, Ojas D.; Wendt, Jeremy D.; Shulenburger, Luke N.; Landahl, Andrew J.; Moussa, Jonathan E.; Aidun, John B.

We lay the foundation for a benchmarking methodology for assessing current and future quantum computers. We pose and begin addressing fundamental questions about how to fairly compare computational devices at vastly different stages of technological maturity. We critically evaluate and offer our own contributions to current quantum benchmarking efforts, in particular those involving adiabatic quantum computation and the Adiabatic Quantum Optimizers produced by D-Wave Systems, Inc. We find that the performance of D-Wave's Adiabatic Quantum Optimizers scales roughly on par with classical approaches for some hard combinatorial optimization problems; however, architectural limitations of D-Wave devices present a significant hurdle in evaluating real-world applications. In addition to identifying and isolating such limitations, we develop algorithmic tools for circumventing these limitations on future D-Wave devices, assuming they continue to grow and mature at an exponential rate for the next several years.