Fusion of test unit model and high-speed pressure transducer data

Data Fusion

Today, complex environmental testing requires upfront modeling, advanced instrumentation measurement, and significant post-test analysis. We realize our customers can leave a test with terabytes of data. But data is not information. To help our customers get the most value out of tests, we provide analytics that aggregate test data into meaningful information and then fuse all the information together with the right imagery to bring it to life.



At our core, we are an imaging organization. Our team of experts have vast experience imaging across the optical spectrum, as well as imaging the slow to ultra-fast. For much of our work, we only have one chance to get the data. Our experts know how to do it. We work with our customers to understand the critical aspects of each test series, and we design imaging plans that capture every detail of an experiment.


We don’t just image, we measure. From imaging subtle motion at the micron level to measuring the impact dynamics of a supersonic nuclear weapon impact, we can do it. Our job is to image and measure in some of the harshest environments that exist. Every test is different for us, and we develop unique solutions to challenging problems.