We don’t just image, we measure. From imaging subtle motion at the micron level to measuring the impact dynamics of a supersonic nuclear weapon impact, we can do it. Our job is to image and measure in some of the harshest environments that exist. Every test is different for us, and we develop unique solutions to challenging problems. We focus on delivering information, not just data; that information includes data aggregation, algorithm development, analytics, and uncertainty analysis.

2D Imaging Measurements

Utilizing calibrated cameras, we can provide in-plane x-y non-contact measurements of: motion, velocity, acceleration, angles, rotation rates, and event timing. Our measurement capabilities go way beyond what commercial codes can offer. Our staff have spent years developing cutting-edge tracking codes that can extract data from harsh environment tests, which would otherwise be impossible. By combining multiple cameras in orthogonal configurations, we can take advantage of robust 2D setups to extract 3D data.

Key application areas: impact dynamics, explosive events, failure testing, shock testing, drop testing.

3D Imaging Measurements

If full 3D data is critical to your test, our team has been at the forefront of 3D imaging for large-scale testing. We have developed unique capabilities that let us measure 3D data (up to millions of frames per second) under extremely harsh conditions where commercial methods fail. Not only can we measure the motion, velocity, acceleration and rotation of objects in x-y-z, but we can also quantify dynamic test unit deformation, break up, and ejecta tracking.

High-speed 3D quantitative imaging with dynamic point cloud data analysis and animated model overlays.

Event Timing Measurements

Sometimes you can’t measure the timing of complex events directly because all your instrumentation could be incinerated or blown up during a test. We have advanced methods that allow us to measure the timing of events at large stand-offs up to gigahertz rates.

High-Speed Thermal/Temperature Distribution Measurements

By calibrating our thermal high-speed imaging systems, we can provide calibrated measurements of object spatial temperature distributions.