Acceleration/Flight Simulation

From single payloads to highly instrumented test series, we can simulate and combine multiple flight environments.

Explosive Overpressure Testing

Hundreds of feet of tubing can be configured to test many different energetic and hazardous materials.

Gravity Drop

Our gravity drops can occur when a test item is released from a suspended cable, or dropped from a vertical trolley-guided system.

Rocket sled track

High-Speed Impact

We provide many settings for impact tests, including rocket-assisted cable pulldowns, high-velocity sled tracks, mobile gun systems, and multiple environments via gas gun and actuator testing.

Mechanical Shock

Shock Testing

Mechanical shock, crush, and other high-g, tailored impact environments can be produced by sleds propelled down an indoor sled track by a horizontal actuator, or by projectiles fired from a 6-inch bore gas gun.


This unique capability adds controlled vibration to test units under inertial loading to better simulate real flight environments.

water impact

Water Impact

A 300-foot tower is used to conduct both free-fall drops and rocket-assisted pulldown tests into a 50-foot-deep lake below.