Modeling and simulation is the mathematical expression of physical theory. In conjunction with experiments, it represents the range of capabilities normally employed for scientific discovery and operational interrogation.

The VQSEC instrumentation group is responsible for the design, implementation, and verification of instrumentation systems for high-consequence and complex test environments.

Our mechanical and thermal testing capabilities create diverse, large-scale environments – all measured by advanced, high-resolution diagnostics. Pre-test simulations are used to define boundary conditions and diagnostics during testing.

The Mobile Guns are a set of trailer-based guns that are designed for launching projectiles into in-situ targets. They provide a unique capability of bringing the testing mechanism to the target.

Every year, the DOE Packaging Certification Program (PCP) sponsors a week-long course here at Sandia National Labs, titled “Thermal Modeling and Testing of RAM Packages” (ME 698). This course is attended by both national and international students.

Today, complex environmental testing requires upfront modeling, advanced instrumentation measurement, and significant post-test analysis. We realize our customers can leave a test with terabytes of data.