The VQSEC instrumentation group is responsible for the design, implementation, and verification of instrumentation systems for high-consequence and complex test environments. Instrumentation and data collection are of the utmost importance for capturing the physics of any experiments. Specializing in high-speed measurements of destructive environments at various test sites, our instrumentation group maintains the expertise and equipment necessary to acquire difficult measurements in extreme environments.

Instrumentation Design, Installation, Verification

We work with our customers to determine appropriate sensor selection, procurement, placement, installation, wiring, and overall test coordination to gather meaningful, quality data. This ensures we collect the right data for qualification, model validation, R&D, or any other needs a customer may have. Finally, we provide custom design, wiring, electrical fabrication, and installation to ensure successful collection of critical data under extreme conditions.

Hardened Mobile Instrumentation Trailers

Our mobile data collection systems are advanced and reliable platforms for collecting on-site measurements requiring high channel counts in harsh conditions. They have the following features:

  • Trailer #1 contains 96 channels of redundant, high-speed digitizers
  • Trailer #2 contains 192 independent channels, or 96 redundant channels of high-speed digitizers
  • Each system measures piezoresistive sensors, piezoelectric sensors, and analog voltage sources
  • Integrated diagnostic suites verify calibration and sensor operation automatically to ensure data quality and pre-test confidence
  • Blast hardened to 2 psi overpressure, these trailers allow for less noise and better signal quality by minimizing the distance between a hazardous experiment and the data acquisition system

Mid-Tier Acquisition Systems

Our suitcase sized systems provide a nice balance between function and portability. These mobile data recording systems have the following capabilities:

  • Easily deployed at various facilities for quick setup and test turnaround
  • Configurable between 18 and 56 high-speed digitizer channels
  • Capable of recording piezoresistive sensors, IEPE sensors, and analog voltage sources
  • Well suited for lab testing and/or experiments with protected environments

Hardened Miniature Recorders 

Miniature hardened data recorders can be embedded within or attached to a test article for on-board diagnostics. They provide the following attributes:

  • Capable of acquiring harsh test measurements without the need for long instrumentation cables attached to the test article
  • Shock rated up to 5,000 g
  • Configurable up to 87 channels (miniature / stand-alone form-factors)
  • Supports piezoresistive sensors, piezoelectric sensors, and analog voltage sources
  • Battery-powered for measurements at locations that are quite difficult or even impossible to measure with an external system

Synchronized Measurements

All measurement sources are synchronized with high accuracy. Additionally, syncing physical measurements with high-speed imaging provides our customers important insight into complicated physics and unique test phenomena. Combining multiple measurement sources gives customers and analysts a unique tool for interpreting key data needed for model validation and mechanical qualification.

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