Validation and Qualification Sciences Experimental Complex

VQSEC Overview

The Validation and Qualification Sciences Experimental Complex (VQSEC) at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico is a unique group of experimental and computational capabilities that create and/or simulate a broad range of extreme operational or abnormal environments.

Large-Scale Testing

Our talented staff have been delivering 50 years of test system design and execution by providing integration of precision tools to evaluate response at any scale, for a breadth of extreme thermal and mechanical environments.

Fire Computations Analysis

Fire Computational Analysis

Model simulation and test integration are essential because computational analyses provide partial physics that are fully exposed, while testing provides full physics that are partially exposed.


Photometrics & Instrumentation

Our Photometrics group has provided cutting-edge imaging and measurement data for over half a century. The products that we produce not only help scientists and engineers better understand the dynamics of the tests and how models and data correlate, but they also help our customers communicate their success in the work they do.

Package Certification

We provide specialized solutions within the nuclear complex for normal and abnormal mechanical and thermal environments for transportation and storage container packaging designers, analysts, and certification engineers.