Publications / SAND Report

Preliminary Results on Uncertainty Quantification for Pattern Analytics

Stracuzzi, David J.; Brost, Randolph B.; Chen, Maximillian G.; Malinas, Rebecca; Peterson, Matthew G.; Phillips, Cynthia A.; Robinson, David G.; Woodbridge, Diane W.

This report summarizes preliminary research into uncertainty quantification for pattern ana- lytics within the context of the Pattern Analytics to Support High-Performance Exploitation and Reasoning (PANTHER) project. The primary focus of PANTHER was to make large quantities of remote sensing data searchable by analysts. The work described in this re- port adds nuance to both the initial data preparation steps and the search process. Search queries are transformed from does the specified pattern exist in the data? to how certain is the system that the returned results match the query? We show example results for both data processing and search, and discuss a number of possible improvements for each.