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Generalized fourier analyses of the advection-diffusion equation - Part II: Two-dimensional domains

Voth, Thomas E.; Martinez, Mario J.; Christon, Mark A.

Part I of this work presents a detailed multi-methods comparison of the spatial errors associated with the one-dimensional finite difference, finite element and finite volume semi-discretizations of the scalar advection-diffusion equation. In Part II we extend the analysis to two-dimensional domains and also consider the effects of wave propagation direction and grid aspect ratio on the phase speed, and the discrete and artificial diffusivities. The observed dependence of dispersive and diffusive behaviour on propagation direction makes comparison of methods more difficult relative to the one-dimensional results. For this reason, integrated (over propagation direction and wave number) error and anisotropy metrics are introduced to facilitate comparison among the various methods. With respect to these metrics, the consistent mass Galerkin and consistent mass control-volume finite element methods, and their streamline upwind derivatives, exhibit comparable accuracy, and generally out-perform their lumped mass counterparts and finite-difference based schemes. While this work can only be considered a first step in a comprehensive multi-methods analysis and comparison, it serves to identify some of the relative strengths and weaknesses of multiple numerical methods in a common mathematical framework.