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Cactus Environment Machine: Shared Environment Call-by-Need

Stelle, George; Stefanovic, Darko; Olivier, Stephen L.; Forrest, Stephanie

Existing machines for lazy evaluation use a flat representation of environments, storing the terms associated with free variables in an array. Combined with a heap, this structure supports the shared intermediate results required by lazy evaluation. We propose and describe an alternative approach that uses a shared environment to minimize the overhead of delayed computations. We show how a shared environment can act as both an environment and a mechanism for sharing results. To formalize this approach, we introduce a calculus that makes the shared environment explicit, as well as a machine to implement the calculus, the Cactus Environment Machine. A simple compiler implements the machine and is used to run experiments for assessing performance. The results show reasonable performance and suggest that incorporating this approach into real-world compilers could yield performance benefits in some scenarios.