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BECCA: Reintegrating AI for natural world interaction

Rohrer, Brandon R.

Natural world interaction (NWI), the pursuit of arbitrary goals in unstructured physical environments, is an excellent motivating problem for the reintegration of artificial intelligence. It is the problem set that humans struggle to solve. At a minimum it entails perception, learning, planning, and control, and can also involve language and social behavior. An agent's fitness in NWI is achieved by being able to perform a wide variety of tasks, rather than being able to excel at one. In an attempt to address NWI, a brain-emulating cognition and control architecture (BECCA) was developed. It uses a combination of feature creation and model-based reinforcement learning to capture structure in tne environment in order to maximize reward. BECCA avoids making common assumptions about its world, such as stationarity, determinism, and the Markov assumption. BECCA has been demonstrated performing a set of tasks which is non-trivially broad, including a vision-based robotics task. Current development activity is focused on applying BECCA to the problem of general Search and Retrieve, a representative natural world interaction task. Copyright © 2012, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. All rights reserved.