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Classified off-site hubs solidify Labs’ commitment to hybrid work

Three hubs open around the country with more planned for FY24

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EXPANDED FLEXIBLITY  Sandia’s Washington, D.C., office will house some of the new classified off-site hubs available to remote workers and those who travel frequently. (Photo by Meagan Brace)

As many industries have pushed return-to-office policies in a post-pandemic era, Sandia has remained steadfast in its commitment to help employees execute on our mission in the most flexible way.

Recently, Sandia expanded the ability for remote workers and those who frequently travel to conduct classified work off-site. Previously, Sandians could primarily work on classified projects on-site in Albuquerque and Livermore. Now, in the initial phase, there are three limited access off-site hubs open around the country, with more planned for the future.

The newly opened hubs are in College Station, Texas, at Texas A&M University, Shoreview, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C.

Annie Garcia and the hub team have been at the helm of advancing a hybrid work environment at Sandia as part of the Labs 2023 Strategic Plan and as she explains, these hubs are just the beginning.

“A cornerstone of what we’re hoping to do with these hubs is enable our people with the flexibility and convenience they need to be successful in furthering our mission,” Annie said. “We have three more off-site hubs planned for fiscal year 2024 at Pacific Northwest National Lab, Kansas City National Security Campus and Purdue University.”

Long term, Sandia hopes to partner across the federal system to make additional hubs available throughout the country. Annie says the location of these sites is largely based on where employees are already living, working and traveling to as well as existing partnerships with local institutions.

“We want hub locations to be geographically diverse and spread out where people want to live and work,” Annie said.

The effort to expand flexible work options was made possible by more than 50 experts working across Sandia, field offices, NNSA and DOE and partner institutions.

“This has been an exciting and tangible endeavor for us,” Annie said. “These classified off-site hubs provide our workforce with an immediate benefit; this really solidifies our commitment to retaining and attracting top talent in service to the nation.”

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