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Sandia and AWE sign strategic intent document

Image of AWE trip 2021
STRATEGIC INTENT — AWE Chief Technical Officer Graeme Nicholson, left, and Sandia Associate Labs Director for Nuclear Deterrence Rita Gonzales sign an update to the Sandia-AWE strategic intent document. (Photos courtesy of the Atomic Weapons Establishment)

The United States and the United Kingdom have a rich history of cooperation dating back to the Manhattan Project. Since 1958, the two countries have shared ideas, information, materials and equipment within the provisions of the Mutual Defense Agreement. Sandia and the United Kingdom’s Atomic Weapons Establishment have a partnership that is codified in a strategic intent agreement between the two institutions.

In September, as part of an annual health check of the partnership, Sandia senior leadership, led by Deputy Labs Director Laura McGill, visited AWE to review the strategic intent partnership and outline future plans. The review confirmed and reinforced the strong relationship between the two organizations.

At the conclusion of the review, Rita Gonzales, Sandia’s associate Labs director for nuclear deterrence modernization and future systems, and Graeme Nicholson, AWE’s chief technical officer, signed an update to the document that renews and endorses mutually beneficial opportunities for strategically aligned collaborations between Sandia and AWE.

Image of AWE trip 2021
STRONG PARTNERSHIP — Sandia executives, Associate Labs Director Rita Gonzales, front and second from left, and Deputy Labs Director Laura McGill, front and second from right, met with AWE leadership during a September visit to the United Kingdom. Participating in a successful international meeting, while following all U.K. government and AWE COVID-19 guidelines, marked an important step in restoring essential business activities.

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