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Nominate great environmental efforts for 2020 EMS awards

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The Environment, Safety and Health program’s Environmental Management System is accepting nominations for its annual EMS Environmental Excellence Awards to recognize projects accomplished during calendar year 2020.

“Part of our mission is to preserve our natural resources, minimize waste and pollution, and continually reduce the potential negative impact our work has on the environment,” said award program coordinator Ben Henning. “These Labswide awards are our opportunity to recognize and applaud the efforts of those Sandians who go above and beyond in their work to help us protect and enhance our surrounding environment.”

Both individuals and teams can be nominated.

The categories are:

  • Greenie Award – The Greenie Award recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond for environmental stewardship outside of their job description.
  • Grassroots Award – The Grassroots Award is exactly as it sounds. It celebrates a team that took it upon themselves to make small changes that, if we all did the same, would create a significant impact across the Labs.
  • Resource Conservation Award – The Resource Conservation Award recognizes excellent efforts in conservation.
  • Above and Beyond Award – The Above and Beyond Award this year recognizes an individual who didn’t take the easy way out, but instead made the extra effort to preserve the environment.
  • Kaizen Award – This award is for an individual or team whose efforts have continuously improved the environmental impact of processes and/or activities via the permanent implementation of improvements. These improvements should be progressive over time and lead to cost reductions, environmental quality improvement and/or efficiency increases.
  • Sequoia Award – The Sequoia Award is given to projects that impact the entire Laboratories and have a large reach.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 19, and the awards will be announced on Thursday, April 22, in conjunction with Earth Day. For questions, additional information or help writing and submitting a nomination, contact Ben Henning.