Security News – 2021

Kirtland AFB Exercises – Sandia National Laboratories/NM site expects impacts on base access

*** Announcement – November 28, 2021*

Kirtland Air Force Base has notified tenants of the base that they will be conducting base-wide exercises in early November. During the exercises, access to certain areas of the base, including some parking areas, may be limited or restricted. Expect disruptions during the exercises and be aware of base-wide delays or restrictions entering/exiting base gates (100% ID check for base access).

Follow directions from KAFB law enforcement and emergency responders. Do not cross barriers, bypass road blocks, or attempt to access areas closed for exercise purposes. Be respectful, courteous and patient.

Questions to Security Connection at, 321 from a Sandia landline or 505-845-1321.

All sites: Sandia Deploys SEC301, Classified Matter Training for all Q-Cleared PO Contractors

*** Announcement – April 12, 2021*

On April 15, 2021, Sandia will deploy a training autoload for SEC301, Classified Matter Training, to all Q-cleared PO Contractors (aka subcontractors). The autoload will help ensure compliance with subcontract clause “703REQ REQUIRED SUBCONTRACTOR GENERAL AWARENESS AND TRAINING.”

The online course, which must be renewed every 24 months, is designed to increase understanding of policies, procedures, and practices for handling and protecting classified matter. It is required for all individuals who hold a Q clearance.

On April 15, some Q-cleared PO Contractors should expect to receive one of the following in their Sandia training notebook:

Impacted PO ContractorsAssignment
Individuals who have never completed SEC301Course will be assigned to their training notebook with 30 days to complete.
Individuals who have previously completed SEC301Course will be assigned to their training notebook with a due date 24 months from their last completion.

IF the course was taken over 24 months prior, course will be assigned with 30 days to complete.

Failure to complete the training by the due date will not result in badge deactivation but will trigger email communication to Sandia management informing of the non-compliance. Extensions may be granted for individuals with a valid need; contact

The training is available internally on the Sandia Restricted Network (SRN) and externally on the Sandia Open Network (SON) via the Security Toolcart website, and is compatible with most devices, including smart phones. The course may take up to 90 minutes; however, a test-out option prior to each module could reduce the time required to complete the training. The previously used PDF version of the training will not be accepted after April 15.

Individuals receiving the autoloaded assignment who have no potential contact with classified are instructed to with their Sandia Delegated Representative to discuss the option of a clearance downgrade.

Contact Security Connection at or 505-845-1321 with questions.

All sites: Federal cannabis laws apply to Sandia

*** Announcement – April 7, 2021***

Sandia National Laboratories prohibits the use, possession, sale, distribution, purchase, trafficking or manufacture of illegal drugs on SNL controlled property, or possession of any amount of any illegal drug while in the performance of SNL business. By federal law, Sandia workforce members are prohibited from using Schedule 1 drugs, including cannabis and CBD products, regardless of state and local laws.

Use of a CBD product that contains more than 0.3% THC must be reported per the DOE and SNL Reporting Requirements of Security Interest and could result in drug test failure. DOE and SNL Reporting Requirements are applicable to individuals who hold or are in process of obtaining a DOE security clearance. NNSA also advises that “an active and knowing investment” in any marijuana-related business may affect security clearances. See FAQ for additional information.

Questions to Security Connection at, 321 from a Sandia landline or 505-845-1321.