Export/Import Control

Sandia National Laboratories’ (Sandia) contractors and subcontractors who engage in exporting and importing need to have an export/import control program. It is the responsibility of each contractor to:

  • Interpret and comply with U.S. Export and Import Control Laws and Regulations.
  • Make accurate Export Control determinations for information, technologies, and commodities they generate.
  • Obtain required export and import licenses, permits, or other authorizations.
  • Protect the information, technologies or commodities within their organization to avoid export or import violations.

Sandia International Export and Trade Compliance Group (IETC) does not:

  • Advise outside organizations how to interpret U.S. Export and Import Regulations or how to manage their organization’s export/import control program.
  • Obtain export or import licenses, permits or other authorizations for other organizations.
  • Export or import on behalf of our contractors.
  • Authorize other organizations to export or import on behalf of Sandia.