Security News – 2020

All sites: Mobile Devices Prohibited in Secure Space

*** Announcement – December 11, 2020***

Secure Space Clipart

Effective February 1, 2021, any instance of a mobile device (personal and government) in Secure Space will be a security incident reportable to DOE.

Secure Space signage indicates boundaries on Sandia controlled premises.

Visit the Sandia Security Toolcart to review the Mobile Device and Secure Space Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions to Security Connection at, 321 from a Sandia landline or 505-845-1321.

Kirtland AFB Exercises – Sandia National Laboratories/NM site expects impacts on base access

*** Announcement – October 15, 2020***

Kirtland Air Force Base has notified tenants of the base that they will be conducting base-wide exercises in late October. During the exercises, access to certain areas of the base, including some parking areas, may be limited or restricted. Expect disruptions during the exercises and be aware of base-wide delays or restrictions entering/exiting base gates (100% ID check for base access).

Follow directions from KAFB law enforcement and emergency responders. Do not cross barriers, bypass road blocks, or attempt to access areas closed for exercise purposes. Be respectful, courteous and patient.

Questions to Security Connection at, 321 from a Sandia landline or 505-845-1321.

(NM) Eubank Gate Project update

*** Announcement – August 28, 2020*** With the Eubank Gate Project substantially complete, two lanes inbound and three lanes outboard are open. The Eubank Blvd. corridor has returned to preconstruction routes. The 20th St. and G Ave. intersection is operational. Use caution, as traffic flow is different. For changes to gate hours, visit the KAFB website.

Questions to KAFB Public Affairs.

(NM) Sandia Contractor Gate Reopens August 31

*** Announcement – August 28, 2020***

The Sandia contractor gate will reopen for inbound deliveries and commercial vehicles Monday, Aug. 31. Regular gate hours will be Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-3 p.m. Personal vehicles will not be permitted. Questions to Security Connection at 321 from Sandia landline, 845-1321 from any phone.

To Improve Sandia’s Contact Tracing Ability – No Vouching Policy Change Implementation

*** Announcement – April 27, 2020***

Notice - No Bouching Image

Effective April 27, To improve Sandia’s COVID-19 contact tracing process Sandia Members of the Workforce and visitors MUST NOT VOUCH others into pedestrian access control points (turnstiles, gates, doors, etc.). Everyone MUST swipe or present his/her badge at each access control point when entering buildings, rooms and other security areas. Escorting rules and responsibilities have not changed. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Questions to Security Connection, 321 from a Sandia landline, 505-845-1321 from any phone or email

Technical Security is Activating Onsite Badge Readers

*** Announcement – April 20, 2020***

To assist with COVID-19 contact tracing, Technical Security is activating access controls to all equipped buildings for 24/7 operations. This means badge readers that are normally active only during evening and weekend hours will now be active 24/7. Since a PIN is not required, no direct, physical contact with the readers is necessary. Swipe or present your badge to gain access. Questions to Security Connection, 321 from a Sandia landline, 505-845-1321 from any phone or email

Sandia Recommends Wearing Face Coverings Onsite

*** Announcement – April 20, 2020***

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated their guidance on protective cloth face coverings for the general population while in public. To mitigate the possibility of asymptomatic spread of COVID-19, CDC now recommends using face coverings in combination with social distancing. Kirtland Air Force Base follows DoD guidance that requires everyone on base to use face coverings when social distancing can’t be maintained. Personally-owned coverings may be worn on Sandia premises. The wearer must comply with requests by authorized personnel to temporarily lower the mask to verify identity. Questions to Security Connection 321 from a Sandia landline,

505-845-1321 from any phone or email

SNL/NM – Eubank and Sandia contractor gates to close Monday 4/6/2020

*** Announcement – April 3, 2020***

Due to light vehicle traffic and to allow the Eubank Gate Construction Project to accelerate its completion the following gate changes will go into effect on Monday, April 6 :

  • The Eubank gate will be closed.
  • The Sandia contractor gate will have abbreviated access hours Monday through Friday as follows:
    • 0530-1030 Inbound only
    • 1100-1800 Outbound only
  • The Wyoming gate will be open 5:30 a.m.-7 p.m., seven days a week.
  • The Gibson gate will remain open 24/7.
  • The Carlisle gate will continue to be closed.

A notice will be sent when the gates reopen. Access the KAFB website and app for updates.

For more detailed information on the process, assistance or questions, contact SNL Security Connection at (505) 845-1321 or

LIVE SEC150 Comprehensive Security Briefings have been cancelled at the Sandia/New Mexico and California sites

*** Announcement – April 1, 2020***

SEC150 Cancelled Poster

As concerns of COVID-19 grow across California and New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratories has implemented a series of “social distancing” precautions at all of our sites.

The Security Awareness Program was asked to suspend/cancel current and future offerings of the LIVE SEC150 Comprehensive Security Briefings.

If you have already received your clearance:

– Download the SEC150 pdf booklet available here.

– Submit the completion record from the booklet to

NOTE: If you have previously completed the SEC150 pdf booklet, no action is required at this time. You will be notified if/when live briefings become available for enrollment.

If you are uncleared: When your clearance is granted you will receive the most up to date information from Sandia regarding enrollment or temporary measures in place to ensure compliance with the SEC150 Comprehensive Security briefing requirement.

Your health and safety remains our top priority.

We appreciate your cooperation as we each play a role in protecting ourselves and our lab community.

You can email should you have any questions or Security Connection @ 505-845-1321.

Technical Area I Vehicle Access Gate 8 

*** Announcement – March 18, 2020***

Attention Sign

Gate 8 inbound vehicle access gate into Tech Area 1 is now reopened. To prevent vehicle tailgating, a second badge reader has been installed. Once inside the containment zone, drivers are required to exit their vehicle and activate the second badge reader to proceed into the Limited Area. If a vehicle follows you into the containment zone, do not proceed and call Pro Force at 505-845-4657 or 505-845-3114. If you have ADA concerns, you are encouraged to use Vehicle Gate 1 or 10.  

For more detailed information on the process, assistance or questions, contact SNL Security Connection at (505) 845-1321 or

Changing Mobile Device Requirements

*** Announcement – February 6, 2020***

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, new rules will prohibit personally owned phones and other portable electronic devices (PED’s) in buildings inside Limited Areas at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). The changes are being implemented by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Advanced Change Directive (ACD) 470.6 on the Use of Mobile Devices within NNSA Secure Spaces, at all sites across the complex to safeguard national security by reducing the risk of disclosure of classified information. View the SNL Mobile Device Flyer.

Personally owned and non-SNL owned phones and other devices such as tablets and fitness trackers must be stored in your vehicle, at Limited Area turnstiles, or in designated, approved storage locations at specified building entrances.

What is a mobile device? A mobile device is a portable computing device that includes voice communication capabilities, on board sensors that allow the device to capture (e.g., photograph, video, record, or determine location) information, and/or built-in features for synchronizing local data with remote locations. Examples include smart phones, smart watches, tablets, and E-readers.

What is a portable electronic device (PED)? In general, PEDs include the following types of commercial off-the-shelf devices, NONE of which can be connected to Sandia-owned devices or networks: heart rate monitors, MP3 players, tablets, laptops, ultrabooks, eReaders, cellphones and smartphones, flash memory cards and sticks.

Before entering an SNL Limited Area, plan for the safe storage of personally owned and non-Sandia owned cell phones and other devices. Review the SNL Mobile Device FAQ for more information.

Security is one of Sandia’s top operational priorities; thank you for helping mitigate risk.

For current information on mobile devices or other security questions, contact SNL Security Connection at (505) 845-1321 or