International Travel

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Members of the Workforce must receive Sandia National Laboratories, Department of Energy, and Electronic Country Clearance (Department of State) approval to conduct official international travel prior to departure. This includes travel to Mexico and Canada.  All Sandia employees and contractors are subject to Corporate Policy SS010, International Security Operations Policy. 

Members of the Workforce are defined as: Sandia employees and contract personnel who are subject to the Sandia policies, processes, and procedures through the terms of their contract.

The term “official” international travel is defined by DOE as: Approved travel (whether wholly or partly on official business) meeting any of the following criteria:

  • Travel from the United States, which includes the Commonwealths of Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands, and the territories and possessions of the United States, to a foreign country.
  • Travel between the international countries, by persons, including foreign nations, whose salaries or travel expenses or both will ultimately be funded in whole or in part by DOE or NNSA from its appropriations.
  • International travel funded by non-DOE or non-NNSA sources for which the traveler represents SNL, DOE, or NNSA, or conducts business on behalf of the U.S. Government.
Process for Official International Travel Approval:

All Official International Travel must be submitted to the International Travel and Hand Carry application. (internal access only)

The application requires cyber access to the Sandia Restricted Network (SRN).  Those without SRN access will need to contact your Sandia Designated Representative (SDR) to submit the travel request on the traveler’s behalf. The SDR will communicate final DOE approval to the subcontractor if it is received.  Subcontractors going on official international travel must contact their SDR to assist in the completion of a Travel Package, Trip Request, and if applicable, Hand Carry Request. For questions, contact This request should be submitted 40 calendar days before departure. Once the request is submitted, the International Security Office will process the request and obtain necessary approvals from Sandia Management, Department of Energy and the Department of State.

Unofficial International Travel (Personal Vacation):

There are two forms of Unofficial International Travel: Sensitive and Non-Sensitive. DOE approval is not required for unofficial travel, however, other SNL approvals may exist.

All personal foreign travel, regardless of country or association with official travel or sensitivity, must be reported no less than 30 days prior to departure via this form as soon as travel arrangements have been made. For reporting instructions visit For questions contact

Non-Sensitive Unofficial International Travel:

  • It is recommended to submit your travel arrangements to MyTrips – ISOS.
  • If you are taking Sandia owned equipment or information, please submit an International Hand Carry. This will require approval prior to departure. DOE approval is not required for this.  Those without SRN access will need to contact your SDR to submit the Hand Carry request on the traveler’s behalf.

Sensitive Unofficial International Travel:

Required Training for Official International Travel:

All training completion certificates should be emailed to

Important Notes for Official International Travel:

  • Training listed above should be completed 15 days prior to departure. 
  • If subcontractors are not in NM and unable to visit SNL on site, they must find their own medical provider to administer immunizations and provide medical advice.
  • International Security Operations has reopened passport services for mission essential international travel only. Business visa application processing continues to be case-by-case. Our vendor for this service, Allstate Passports & Visas is now offering electronic application steps.
  • Official International Travel requests should be submitted 40 calendar days prior to the date of departure. For more information contact Security Connection at (505) 845-1321.