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Degree of Freedom Selection Approaches for MIMO Vibration Test Design

Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series

Beale, Christopher B.; Schultz, Ryan S.; Smith, Chandler B.; Walsh, Timothy W.

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) vibration testing provides the capability to expose a system to a field environment in a laboratory setting, saving both time and money by mitigating the need to perform multiple and costly large-scale field tests. However, MIMO vibration test design is not straightforward oftentimes relying on engineering judgment and multiple test iterations to determine the proper selection of response Degree of Freedom (DOF) and input locations that yield a successful test. This work investigates two DOF selection techniques for MIMO vibration testing to assist with test design, an iterative algorithm introduced in previous work and an Optimal Experiment Design (OED) approach. The iterative-based approach downselects the control set by removing DOF that have the smallest impact on overall error given a target Cross Power Spectral Density matrix and laboratory Frequency Response Function (FRF) matrix. The Optimal Experiment Design (OED) approach is formulated with the laboratory FRF matrix as a convex optimization problem and solved with a gradient-based optimization algorithm that seeks a set of weighted measurement DOF that minimize a measure of model prediction uncertainty. The DOF selection approaches are used to design MIMO vibration tests using candidate finite element models and simulated target environments. The results are generalized and compared to exemplify the quality of the MIMO test using the selected DOF.

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3 Results
3 Results