Invited Talks, Publications, & Patents

Invited Talks

  1. Anna Tauke-Pedretti, G. Allen Vawter, Erik Skogen, Charles Alford, Gregory Peake, Mark Overberg and Florante Cajas, “Photonic Integration at Sandia National Laboratories,” Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics, Boston MA, June 27-July 1 2015 (INVITED)
  2. Mohan Sarovar. “Maturing quantum technologies: a national lab perspective.” Quantum Control Engineering: Mathematical Solutions for Industry, Isaac Newton. Cambridge, U.K. August 2014.


  1. Daniel B. S. Soh, Constantin Brif, Patrick J. Coles, Norbert Lütkenhaus, Ryan M. Camacho, Junji Urayama, Mohan Sarovar, “Self-referenced continuous-variable quantum key distribution,”

Patent Filings

NumberTitleUS Patent App
12844Avalanche diode having reduced dark current and method for its manufacture14/870,195
12348Methods and Apparatus of Entangled Photon Generation Using Four-Wave Mixing14/102,311
12391Two-dimensional avalanche photodiodes and single photon avalanche photodiodes13/915,369
12382Child – Two-dimensional avalanche photodiodes and single photon avalanche photodiodes13/915,369
12324Child – Integrated Photonic Avalanche Diode Structure13/915,369
12383Child – A method for a photodiode to handle high optical power13/915,369
13041On-chip entangled photon source62/132,100
13076All-fiber quantum-enhanced miniaturized atomic magnetometers62/132,095
13196Quadrature optical communication without transmitting local oscillator62/080,798
13197Child – CV quantum key distribution without transmitting local oscillator62/080,798
13357Transceivers and Receivers for Quantum Key Distribution and Methods Pertaining Thereto62/153,277
13238Child – A chip-scale CV-QKD Transceiver62/153,277
13047Kinematic Chip to Chip Bonding62/141,705
13282Higher photon-flux in single-photon emission using a few-emitter system62/153,567
13553Secure fiber optic seals enabled by quantum key distribution62/243,522