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Reapplication team member Anthony Gonzales tracks inventory during the K-12 computer donation program event.

K-12 computer donation program

Representatives from 17 New Mexico schools visited Sandia to pick up used desktop computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards and other equipment as part of Sandia Reapplication’s K-12 Computer Donation Program. More than 1,700 items were donated to schools and nonprofits, bringing the total number of computers donated since 2012 to 10,377, valued at more than $24 million. (10000)

Sandia leads financial improvements for DOE

Sandia’s Chief Financial Officer organization led the enterprise by using a site-specific financial risk register as a pilot for the DOE-required internal controls testing. In addition, the CFO organization participated in the DOE Payment Integrity Improvement Initiative Working Group by developing key templates, which DOE adopted for enterprisewide use. The CFO organization also created DOE procedures to identify and correct uncollectible receivables and developed a single General Terms and Conditions Invoicing Milestone Implementation Plan for NNSA’s management and budget office. (10000)

Innovative management of nontrackable property

Information Technology and Property Management developed an innovative and elegant solution to manage nontrackable property. The new Administratively Controlled Property application is designed to manage nontrackable property, such as monitors, scanners, printers, lab equipment and furniture, ensuring all government property used by telecommuters and virtual workers is effectively and efficiently managed. The Property Management team has demonstrated the tool with property management organizations across the enterprise, paving the way for all other contractors. (10000)

Largest subcontract in Sandia history awarded to small business

Sandia awarded its largest subcontract to date — potentially up to $700 million over a possible seven years — for information technology services to local small business Encantado Technical Solutions LLC. The transition to the new service provider was completed with the release of 27 task orders for a value of $72.5 million, which contributed more than 4% to NTESS small-business goals. (10000)

International Organization for Standardization 9001 recertification

Sandia successfully completed the external International Organization for Standardization 9001 recertification audit at the New Mexico and California sites. The audit ensures that Sandia uses quality processes and procedures. Auditors identified 14 noteworthy practices. (10000)

Project-management maturation

Sandia committed to long-term project management by creating a Project Management Center with associated systems, processes and tools. Strides in project management were achieved through the organizational redesign effort across centers that aligned project-management capabilities and competencies under the Project and Product Management Center and business-management capabilities and competencies under Integrated Business Management. Both centers continue to strengthen their identities and add value by refining services, enhancing training and ensuring career development paths for staff. (10000)

Strategic cost savings result from subcontracting solutions

Sandia’s contribution to DOE’s strategic cost savings goal — measuring an organization’s use of strategic subcontracting solutions — was $117.6 million, representing about 9.1% of Sandia’s total spending (the highest percentage in the enterprise), and accounted for 36.5% of the enterprise’s total strategic cost savings. This helped NNSA exceed its goal. (10000)

Financial and procurement spend

Sandia closed the fiscal year with total operating costs of $3.8 billion, which is $157 million more than the previous fiscal year. Total operating funding amounted to $4.24 billion, an increase of $442 million over fiscal 2020. Sandia spent a total of $1.65 billion, $169 million more than in fiscal 2020, an 11% increase. (10000)

Successful virtual financial wellness month

Sandia conducted its most successful financial wellness month with 29 virtual events, an increase of 61% over last year; 4,872 attendees, an increase of 29%; and 94% positive feedback. Financial wellness month in July is an annual program aimed at helping members of the workforce assess their financial health. (3000, 10000)

Sandia develops supply chain part-risk assessments

Integrated Supply Chain Management collaborated with Nuclear Deterrence and the Kansas City National Security Campus to develop risk assessments for commercial electronics parts. These assessments combine product-risk information, such as obsolescence and availability, with manufacturer business-risk data to create a comprehensive picture of supply chain risk. Nuclear Deterrence will use these assessments much earlier in the product realization life cycle, informing design decisions and reducing risk for their programs. (10000)

Maturity of core labs assurance system elements

Sandia enhanced the way it manages issues and enterprise-level risks to ensure that corrective actions are monitored and risks are appropriately mitigated. Both risk- and issues-management processes, and corresponding Sage tool modules, were recently updated based on customer feedback. Sandia implemented the BlueDragon Hyper-Integrated Causal Analysis methodology to conduct effective causal analyses. To date, 83% of Sandia’s current causal analysts have been trained and are successfully using it for significant and systemic issues. Sandia also engaged in several collaborative enterprise projects to share assurance-related best practices. (10000)

Successful completion of strategic objective for service delivery

The Labs Strategic Objective 4.4 team successfully completed development of an Integrated Service Delivery model and executed targeted pilots. The model started in Division 8000 as an effort to formalize cross-functional teaming and integrating activities on behalf of line organizations. The Labs strategic objective in FY21 aimed to test wider adoption of the model. Seven pilots were conducted in divisions 1000, 2000, 5000, 6000 and 10000 with feedback indicating that efforts should continue in fiscal 2022 to further deploy the model. (8000, 10000)

Contractor purchasing system approved

Sandia successfully demonstrated an efficient and effective purchasing system compliant with government policy, and the Sandia Field Office awarded a three-year purchasing system approval with a consent threshold of $20 million on April 27, 2021. The contractor purchasing system gives Sandia authority to make purchases on behalf of the DOE. Awarding a three-year approval demonstrates DOE and the field office’s confidence that Sandia’s supply chain process is sound. (10000)

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Small-business program manager Paul Sedillo presented to small-business representatives and owners during a forum at the University of New Mexico Lobo Rainforest.

Small-business engagement and development

For the fifth consecutive year, Sandia exceeded the small-business contracting goal of 58% and goals in all five socioeconomic subcategory. Through the Mentor-Protégé Program, established in fiscal year 2020 to pair qualified small businesses with Sandia experts to help them be more competitive for federal and industry opportunities, Sandia conducted 15 workshops, 26 one-on-one mentoring sessions, three presentations and three meetings led by 63 mentors from across the Labs to support protégé development. (10000)