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Labs Director James Peery led the effort to develop Sandia’s 10-year target objective.

Strategic plan looks 10 years ahead

Sandia leadership unveiled a new strategic plan designed to strengthen the Labs’ mission, operations and culture. The plan is anchored by a 10-year target objective to “unleash innovation and high-velocity engineering to counter global threats” and supported by five-year goals and 2022 milestones. Labs Director James Peery spearheaded development of the target objective, and Strategy and Executive Operations teams drove the complex process. The plan will help Sandia steward its work into the future with a thoughtful and effective strategy focused on breakthrough ideas. (ESG)

Improvements made to safety training

The ESH200 New Leader Training program advanced with input from performance data, benchmark activities and several pilots, providing a course more based on experience. The online part of the program features video messages from executive leaders on the importance of being an ES&H role model. The interactive course was recognized for “Innovation in Safety Training” by the EHS Daily Advisor, a professional group that features best practices from the environmental, health and safety profession. Last year, 228 new managers completed the course. (ESG)

Emergency Management strategy implemented

Emergency Management was reorganized, based on a new five-year strategic plan that incorporates programmatic improvements and best practices. The group developed and implemented comprehensive drill and exercise plans to improve performance and standardization and conducted two annual exercises with internal and external stakeholders. Leadership broke ground on the new Emergency Operations Center. Emergency Management improved federal and Labs leadership confidence ratings on performance and program health in the DOE/NNSA Emergency Management Readiness Assurance Program Tool. (ESG)

ES&H Governance Board matures

Established in June 2020, the ES&H Governance Board, led by then-Deputy Labs Director and Chief Operating Officer Dori Ellis, increased its focus on eight committees. Its cross-functional representatives approved an updated planning and control manual, which includes a new template for multiorganizational work agreements and training requirements for all managers who oversee activity-level work. The board also facilitates flow down of high-value learning events from across the DOE enterprise, an indicator of a strong safety culture. (ESG)

Executive Protocol managed high-level visits

The Executive Protocol team, Sandia’s experts on diplomatic and business etiquette, hosted 88 events, including assistant secretaries, the U.S. Air Force chief of staff and director of hypersonics, Kansas City Nuclear Security Campus president and several congressional visits. The team successfully organized and managed visits during the COVID-19 pandemic while following health and safety procedures. (ESG)

Efforts improve ethics environment

Ethics/EEO Advisory and Investigations enhanced Sandia’s ethical environment by leading a cross-organizational Investigative Working Group, promoting information-sharing and issues resolution, improving its collection and reporting of metrics, and updating the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct included in the Annual Ethics Awareness Training. (ESG)

Key audits completed

Audit Advisory Services completed 26 internal audits and audits on 120 contracts worth $240 million. Internal audits informed improvements in several areas including the procurement card program. All subcontracts awarded under the Lockheed Martin Management and Operating Contract have been audited, meeting a commitment to the Sandia Field Office. (ESG)