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Through the quantum looking glass

Sandia scientists partnered with a research group to design an ultrathin device that triggers one of quantum mechanics’ strangest and most useful phenomena.

Sandia wins five R&D 100 awards and a silver specialty award

Judges favored projects that demonstrate practical impact and technological significance. Since 1976, Sandia has earned 144 R&D 100 awards.

Weapon Intern Program 27th class graduation

NNSA Administrator Jill Hruby congratulated WIP graduates during her most recent visit to the Labs.

Answering the call

Lab News asked several Sandians about their support of the mission and what it means to them. Read their stories.

From student to senior

Senior engineer Doug Deming credits his successful 29 years at Sandia to on-the-job learning opportunities that have allowed him to expand his experience beyond his academic degrees.

Computer extravaganza

The Labs donated more than 4,200 computers to New Mexico classrooms during its annual K-12 Computer Donation event last month.

Creating diamonds to shed light on the quantum world

Sandia scientist Andy Mounce’s work with diamond quantum sensors as earned him a DOE Early Career Research Award.

The Sandia Packaging Advisory Board turns 50

The board began in 1972 and continues to advise designers on packages containing hardware of nuclear components and devices.

USSTRATCOM deputy commander visits the Labs

During his visit, Lt. Gen. Thomas Bussiere provided an overview of the current nuclear landscape and praised Sandians for their commitment to serving the nation.

Making a home more accessible

Staff volunteered with Rebuilding Together Sandoval County to build a complex system of ramps and platforms that made a disabled resident’s home easier to access.

Robotics camp provides real virtual reality experience

In its fifth year, the Robotics Training Institute included demonstrations and talks by Sandia experts and many hands-on learning experiences.