System of Systems Analysis Toolset

SoSAT is a tool designed to model and simulate multi-echelon operations and support activities of a system-of-systems (SoS). It provides logistics analysts with the ability to define operational and support environments of a SoS, ascertain measures of platform and SoS-level performance effectiveness, and determine logistics support issues. As a stochastic simulation, SoSAT characterizes sensitivity changes to all platforms, support systems, processes, and decision rules as well as platform reliability and maintainability (R&M) properties. It is designed to be a robust decision support tool for evaluating readiness and sustainment of systems, including consumables and maintenance operations. SoSAT is applicable in diverse industries such as defense, energy, aviation, and healthcare.

What does SoSAT enable?

  • A unique approach to SoS analysis
  • Multiple user-definable performance metrics
  • Modeling system interdependencies and shared functionality
  • Performance measurements of functionally interdependent SoS
  • SoS trade study modeling, analysis, and performance assessment
  • Reliability and functional availability analysis

Why is SoSAT important?

  • Characterizes large-scale interdisciplinary problems that involve multiple distributed systems embedded in networks at multiple levels and in multiple domains
  • Allows analysts to evaluate the readiness and sustainment of complex SoS
  • Assists analysts in identifying non-intuitive, interdependent performance and logistics issues

Example Applications

  • Operation and support cost analysis
  • Footprint reduction and impact analysis
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency improvements
  • Modernization upgrade impact analysis
  • Sustainment assessment
  • Acquisition decisions
  • Vulnerability analysis

Fact Sheet


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