SoSAT Enterprise

Multi-echelon enterprise lifecycle cost analysis tool

The System-of-Systems Analysis Toolset Enterprise (SoSAT Enterprise) provides the ability to model global logistics. The tool enables analysts to perform SoS analysis for understanding characteristics of large-scale interdisciplinary problems that involve multiple distributed systems that are embedded in networks at multiple levels and domains. SoSAT Enterprise allows analysts to define detailed and integrated enterprise-level components for assessing lifecycle operational and support sustainment analysis. It allows analysts to identify cost drivers and characterize the impact of changes in support architecture, process, business rules, equipment usage, and maintenance characteristics. SoSAT Enterprise is a robust decision support tool for evaluating readiness, sustainment performance, and logistics support issues.

What does SoSAT Enterprise enable?

  • A unique enterprise-level system of systems (SoS) analysis
  • Cost model analysis and trade studies for long term lifecycle operations
  • Capability to evaluate support and cost metric trade-offs between multiple infrastructure configurations and scenarios
  • Extension of SoSAT to include global logistics capabilities
  • Enterprise level integrated supply and repair chain analysis including the modeling of resource contention

Why is SoSAT Enterprise important?

  • Allows analysts to evaluate lifecycle cost drivers of complex SoS
  • Provides analysts with the capability to support business decisions at a global logistic scale
  • Enables trade studies and impact analysis resulting from architecture changes

Example Applications

  • Lifecycle/total ownership cost component analysis
  • Enterprise global logistics analysis
  • Production schedule risk analysis
  • Sustainment assessment
  • Acquisition decision support
  • Inventory management assessment
  • Resource usage and cost analysis
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) analysis
  • Operational Availability (Ao) and Materiel Availability (Am) analysis

Fact Sheet

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