Capability Portfolio Analysis Tool

CPAT is a powerful fleet management analysis tool which optimizes investment and fielding decisions to provide maximum fleet performance under cost, schedule and programmatic constraints. It is capable of solving highly complex fleet modernization optimization problems – problems spanning many mission areas and modernization programs over several decades – in sufficiently short timeframes to enable interactive analytics and a high degree of responsiveness to evolving plans and assumptions. CPAT has been developed and applied in partnership with the US Army Program Executive Office for Ground Combat Systems to provide unprecedented analytical capability in support of modernization and investment decisions.

What does CPAT Enable?

  • Decision support for portfolio resourcing and capability of a large fleet of systems
  • Comprehensive investment plans that ensure an optimal balance between capability, cost, and schedule

Why is CPAT important?

  • Provides analytical rigor to strategic portfolio management process
  • Provides a repeatable way of assessing different investment strategies and provides insights into the impacts of these strategies
  • Develops detailed fielding plans from high-level modernization goals and strategies, which show layout of funds and can be evaluated for implementability, schedule/performance risk, etc.

Example Applications

  • Trade studies:
    • Evaluate modernization strategies and courses of action for input to high-level portfolio reviews
    • Assess modernization alternatives under different funding levels
    • Evaluate current modernization plans for impacts on performance and cost, and provide insight into operational and industrial base impacts
    • Investigate how decisions in a single modernization program impact the entire fleet
  • Sensitivity analyses:
    • Assess which programs are cornerstones of an optimal modernization strategy
    • Evaluate robustness of modernization strategy to changes in program cost, performance, and/or schedule

Fact Sheet

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