Advanced Requirements Integration & Exploration System

ARIES is a decision support tool created to provide requirements developers with an analytic capability to explore tradeoffs and gain insight to inform the requirements integration process. The ARIES capability captures a representative set of the full spectrum of potential requirement values to identify low-level requirement interactions and allows decision makers to interactively explore these interrelationships. This real-time feedback facilitates discussions to reconcile conflicts between requirements from multiple disciplines early in a program, ultimately leading stakeholders to convergence upon a set of simultaneously feasible system requirements while considering programmatic and technological constraints. This information also helps inform future technology investment decisions necessary to meet the agreed upon requirements.

The ARIES ultra-high dimensional optimization algorithm can analyze highly complex problems and identify key requirement inconsistencies early in the acquisition/development process—supporting successful system fielding.  ARIES provides strong analytical backing to requirements decisions.

What does ARIES enable?

  • Decision support for developers of system requirements
  • Analytically-backed exploration and compromise to develop an integrated set of feasible requirements
  • Negotiations between stakeholders in order to reach a consensus on achievable requirements

Why is ARIES important?

  • Reduces likelihood of inconsistent or unaffordable sets of requirements early in a program—providing a strong foundation for system design and development
  • Provides insight into requirements tradeoffs/impacts
  • Makes it easier to defend decisions by bringing the analytic rigor of individual requirements to the integration process

Example Applications

  • Integration of system requirements into a consistent, achievable set
  • Early research and development investment guidance for complex systems with competing requirements and stakeholders

Fact Sheet

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