Technology Management Optimization

TMO is an application that builds optimal roadmaps specifying what technologies should be in use and when they should be in use. TMO was developed to allow proactive maintenance and update of technologies for high-valued, long-lived, technologically sophisticated systems. With TMO, all components can be considered as a system and their lifecycles can be evaluated based on user-defined system metrics. For instance, cost, weight, and performance can be considered together in developing the best technology management plan for the entire system. TMO has proven flexible enough to address trade studies and decision problems. Because TMO runs quickly, it provides rapid, quantitative consideration of "what ifs." Thus, TMO can be used to plan contingencies—what if the budget changes? What if the power requirement changes? In this manner, TMO can help reach the best plan forward, with defensible results.

What does TMO do?

  • Technology Management:
    • Technology maintenance
    • Technology replacement
    • Technology upgrade
  • System-level trade studies
  • Decision support

Why is TMO important?

  • Creates optimal technology roadmaps:
    • Specifies the best course of action
  • Handles extremely large problems
  • Provides defensible justification for decisions

Example TMO Applications

  • Technology management and system-level trade studies:
    • Military platforms
    • Energy installations
    • Security systems
  • Optimal design:
    • Power generation and distribution systems
  • Decision support:
    • Optimal investment strategy
    • Informed policy decisions

Fact Sheet

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