Reliability Analysis and Optimization Suite

The Pro-Opta software package is a reliability analysis and optimization suite that provides an analyst with the information needed to make strategic decisions in the competitive marketplace. The tool offers the flexibility to create a system’s reliability model using either field data (maintenance records) or summarized data (for example, from a failure mode, effects, and criticality analysis). Once the model is created, decisions can be made on which components should be improved based on sensitivity analysis. Potential spares and reliability improvement options can be assessed and ranked to aid in evaluation of alternatives based on availability, reliability, and cost impacts. Pro-Opta is applicable to defense, energy, aviation, and commercial industries.

What does Pro-Opta enable?

  • Analysis of field maintenance data and computation of system metrics
  • Identification of key drivers of system unreliability
  • Prediction of equipment lifecycle performance
  • Assessment of modifications to maintenance practices
  • Ranking of potential reliability improvement and inventory options
  • Modeling of system reliability using graphical fault tree
  • Evaluation of fleets with multiple configurations
  • Identification of trade-offs of cost versus performance

Why is Pro-Opta important?

  • Determines best allocation of resources to meet a systems reliability objectives
  • Examines relative costs and benefits of different design options
  • Assists analysts in identifying which components contribute most to downtime, MTBF, and cost
  • Provides insight into the effects on system reliability of planned upgrades

Example Applications

  • Evaluation of energy efficiency improvements
  • Device reliability prediction
  • Modernization upgrade impact analysis
  • Sustainment assessment
  • Fleet reliability planning

Fact Sheet

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