Support Enterprise Model – A logistics modeling, analysis, and decision support tool

The Support Enterprise Model is a discrete event simulation tool designed to model and simulate operation and support activities of a worldwide sustainment system. The general objective of SEM is to help characterize the sustainment system performance including supply, repair, and manufacturing activities over the entire life of the enterprise. To accomplish this objective the user defines and executes SEM simulations to generate statistical results characterizing the enterprise operations using different notional support and sustainment options. Results of those simulations are analyzed to make recommendations for best-case logistics system configurations that support required mission capabilities at the lowest possible cost. SEM is applicable in industries as diverse as defense, energy, aviation, and healthcare.

What does SEM enable?

  • Integrated modeling of supply chain and repair chain activities for a worldwide support system
  • Logistics modeling, analysis, optimization, and decision support of global operations
  • Calculation of system and support structure performance and cost metrics while accounting for uncertainty
  • Spares inventory and resource optimization on a global scale

Why is SEM important?

  • Provides comprehensive, detailed modeling of supply chains, repair chains, inventory management and maintenance activities
  • Details the management of resources and forecasts optimal operations as an enterprise grows
  • Links sustainment system performance to readiness

Example applications

  • Enterprise operations performance analysis
  • Identification of key variables with respect to enterprise performance
  • Resource and support equipment utilization studies
  • Mission readiness assessments
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) analysis

Fact Sheet

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