Modern high performance computing (HPC) nodes have diverse and heterogeneous types of cores and memory.  For applications and domain-specific libraries/languages to scale, port, and perform well on these next generation architectures, their on-node algorithms must be re-engineered for thread scalability and performance portability.  The Kokkos programming model and its C++ library implementation helps HPC applications and domain libraries implement intra-node thread-scalable algorithms that are performance portable across diverse manycore architectures such as multicore CPUs, Intel Xeon Phi, NVIDIA GPU, and AMD GPU.

This research, development, and deployment project advances the Kokkos programming model with new intra-node parallel algorithm abstractions, implements these abstractions in the Kokkos library, and supports applications’ and domain libraries’ effective use of Kokkos through consulting and tutorials. The project fosters numerous internal and external collaborations, especially with the ISO/C++ language standard committee to promote Kokkos abstractions into future ISO/C++ language standards. Kokkos is part of the DOE Exascale Computing Project.