IDEAS PSE Computational Platform Wins 2020 R&D 100 Award

The IDAES Integrated Platform is a comprehensive set of open-source Process Systems Engineering (PSE) tools supporting the design, modeling, and optimization of advanced process and energy systems. By providing rigorous equation-oriented modeling capabilities, IDAES helps energy and process companies, technology developers, academic researchers, and the DOE to design, develop, scale-up, and analyze new PSE technologies and processes to accelerate advances and apply them to address the nation’s energy needs. The platform is based on and extends the Pyomo optimization modeling environment originally developed at Sandia.  IDAES has taken the core optimization capabilities in Pyomo and not only built a domain-specific process modeling environment, but also expanded the core environment into new areas, including logic-based modeling, custom decomposition procedures and optimization algorithms, model predictive control, and machine learning methods.

The IDAES PSE Computational Platform is developed by the Institute for the Design of Advanced Energy Systems (IDAES) and was recently awarded a 2020 R&D 100 Award.  Led by National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), IDAES is a collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, Berkeley Lab, West Virginia University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Notre Dame.

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IDAES Integrated Platform



John Daniel Siirola,

January 1, 2021