CCR Researcher Jay Lofstead Co-Authors Best Paper at HPDC’19

CCR Researcher Jay Lofstead and his co-authors from the Illinois Institute of Technology have been awarded Best Paper at the recent 2019 ACM International Symposium on High- Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing. Their paper entitled “LABIOS: A Distributed Label-Based I/O System” describes an approach to supporting a wide variety of conflicting I/O workloads under a single storage system. The paper introduces a new data representation called a label, which more clearly describes the contents of data and how it should be delivered to and from the underlying storage system. LABIOS is a new class of storage system that uses data labeling and implements a distributed, fully decoupled, and adaptive I/O platform that is intended to grow in the intersection of High-Performance Computing and Big Data. Each year the HPDC Program Chairs select the Best Paper based on reviews and discussion among the members of the Technical Program Committee. The award is named in memory of Karsten Schwan, a professor at Georgia Tech who made significant and lasting contributions to the field of parallel and distributed computing.

Karsten Schwan Best Paper Award
Gerald Fedrick Lofstead
Gerald Fedrick Lofstead
Gerald Fredrick Lofstead,

June 1, 2019