ASCR Funded Publications

Tom Peterka, Deborah Bard, Janine Bennett, E. Bethel, Ron Oldfield, Line Pouchard, Christine Sweeney, Matthew Wolf, (2019). ASCR Workshop on In Situ Data Management Publication ID: 65777

James Stewart, (2019). Sandia National Laboratories Five Most Impactful ASCR Research Investments Publication ID: 69335

Richard Muller, (2018). Summary paragraphs for recently-awarded DOE-SC projects at Sandia in Quantum Information Science Publication ID: 60008

Scott Mitchell, Muhammad Awad, Mohamed Ebeida, Laura Swiler, (2018). Fast Approximate Union Volume in High Dimensions with Line Samples Publication ID: 63626

Gregory Hebner, (2017). Quantum Testbeds Stakeholder Workshop (QTSW) Report meeting purpose and agenda Publication ID: 55685

Andrew Landahl, (2017). DOE ASCR QTSW Talk: Fault Tolerant Quantum Error Correction Publication ID: 54892

Kenneth Moreland, (2016). Live Demonstration of In Situ Visualization on Accelerator Processors (ASCR Highlight Slide) Publication ID: 46886

Simon Hammond, James Ang, Arun Rodrigues, Karl Hemmert, Gwendolyn Voskuilen, Jeanine Cook, (2015). ASCR Computer Architecture Laboratory Publication ID: 45024

Simon Hammond, (2015). ASCR Computer Architecture Lab Publication ID: 45169

Alan Aspuru-Guzik, Wim van Dam, Edward Farhi, Frank Gaitan, Travis Humble, Stephen Jordan, Andrew Landahl, Peter Love, Robert Lucas, John Preskill, Richard Muller, Krysta Svore, Nathan Wiebe, Carl Williams, (2015). ASCR Workshop on Quantum Computing for Science Publication ID: 44143

Kenneth Moreland, Berk Geveci, Jeremy Meredith, Chris Sewell, Kwan-Liu Ma, Hank Childs, (2015). XVis: Visualization for the Extreme-Scale Scientific-Computation Ecosystem (Poster for ASCR PI Meeting 2015) Publication ID: 42635

Kenneth Moreland, (2015). XVis (Slides for ASCR PI Meeting 2015) Publication ID: 42644

Janine Bennett, Philippe Pebay, Valerio Pascucci, Joshua Levine, Attila Gyulassy, Maurice Rojas, (2014). Topology for Statistical Modeling of Petascale Data Publication ID: 37574

Kenneth Moreland, (2014). A pervasive parallel framework for visualization: final report for FWP 10-014707 Publication ID: 36722

Kenneth Moreland, (2013). Dax: A Toolkit for Visualization at Extreme Scale (Poster ASCR Extreme Scale PI Meeting Fall 2013) Publication ID: 35901

Kenneth Moreland, (2012). Dax: Data Analysis at Extreme (Poster Intro Slides ASCR Exascale Conference Fall 2012) Publication ID: 30308

Kenneth Moreland, (2012). Dax: Data Analysis at Extreme (Poster Introduction Slides ASCR Exascale PI Meeting Spring 2012) Publication ID: 27430

Kenneth Moreland, David Rogers, (2012). Visualization and Analysis: NNSA/ASCR Collaboration for the Future (poster) Publication ID: 27564

Kenneth Moreland, (2012). Dax: Data Analysis at Extreme (Poster ASCR Exascale PI Meeting Spring 2012) Publication ID: 27402

Janine Bennett, Philippe Pebay, Ajith Mascarenhas, (2011). Topology for statistical modeling of petascale data Publication ID: 23469

Kenneth Moreland, (2011). ASCR Exascale Research Kickoff Slides Publication ID: 21648

Jackson Mayo, (2009). Notes on "Modeling, simulation and analysis of complex networked systems" Publication ID: 16220

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