Education Programs

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Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers

Sandia National Laboratories provides innovative, science-based, systems-engineering solutions to our nation’s most challenging national security problems. Encouraging students to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers is the goal of our K-12 education programs.

Looking for volunteers?

Volunteers may be available to serve as presenters, judges, tutors or mentors. Please submit a request.

Elementary school programs

Elementary school children are fascinated with the unexpected, as are scientists. One of the challenges with elementary school children is discovering ways to engage students with hands-on math and science activities that encourage them to test theories, not just memorize facts. Our elementary school programs focus on providing inquiry-based activities that emphasize the fun of science.

Middle school & high school programs

Middle school and high school students are exploring potential career choices. These students benefit from experiences that reinforce the importance of science and engineering, and allow them to visualize themselves in a STEM career. Our middle and high school programs, led by STEM professionals, focus on providing more in-depth science and engineering experiences.

Virtual STEM Resources

Enjoy learnng about STEM from the comfort of your home with these virtual resources featured by Sandia Labs, partners, and other Department of Energy Laboratories.

K-12 Computer Donation Program

Sandia has a limited number of computers, desktops, laptops and iPads to donate to schools annually.

If your educational institution would like to participate, contact the Property Management & Reapplication Help Line at